Take Advantage of These Overlooked Tax Credits

Tax form, treasury check, and hundred-dollar bill
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Tax season is no one’s favorite time of year–even accountants, who’ll be working late to find the biggest and best deductions for their clients. If you don’t happen to have a personal accountant on speed dial, you can still find unexpected tax credits that most people overlook.

Federal income taxes have been around since 1861, although the tax code we recognize today wasn’t passed by Congress until 1913. The exact formula for figuring out who pays how much has changed over the last century and a half, from a flat 3% rate to the complicated, often confusing system we have today.

You should take advantage of every possible benefit offered to you in the form of tax credits and deductions. Read on to discover the biggest, weirdest, and most overlooked tax credits to find out which ones could apply to you!