Are you ready for this? Horribly ‘Botched’ Celebrity Lookalikes

Bryan Ray and Britney Spears / Instagram / @beeray416 / @britneyspears

Have you ever been so obsessed with your favorite celebrity that you went out and had surgeries to look like them? Believe it or not, there are people out there that have, and they love doing it.

From impersonators that took their job a little bit too seriously to a half-sister that wants the same limelight as her celebrity sibling, this list is a tad bit out of this world. These are the ladies and gents of the show “Botched” who felt they needed a little nip and tuck. Some of them don’t look too bad, but some of these surgeries went seriously wrong. There’s also a few others outside of “Botched” in the mix who have spent their whole lives trying to look like anything but themselves.

Ready to see which celebrity impersonator took four ribs out to achieve their desired look? Trust me, you’re gonna want to see this!