Ten Steps To Curbing Your Spending Addiction


Spending money is second nature to most of us, and for some people that can be dangerous. In an ideal world, people could buy whatever they wanted and never have to worry that they don’t have the cash to pay for it. In the real world, however, people are too busy running up debt to keep up with the Jones’ that they can’t afford to buy anything, yet they can’t stop.

Even those of us who can afford our purchases probably do need to cut back a bit because we have an addiction to spending money; we have it, so we need to buy things with it (hey, no one is perfect) but that can be dangerous. So if you’re looking to cure your shopping addiction, we have some suggestions that might help you (and me) curb the habit and ensure a little bit of financial peace and prosperity.

Do you think you can stop shopping using our helpful hints? Because we think you can do it.

Friends shopping

Write Down Your Shopping Urges

Here’s a novel concept; every time you feel the urge to shop, write down how you’re feeling and what happened that day. This is going to give you some serious insight into how you are feeling when you want to spend money so that you can learn to recognize your vices and kick them right in the behind. Once you know what is making you shop – other than because you need something for something, you can help kick the addiction.

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Handle the Issue

If your shopping is due to stress, sadness or something like that, learn to handle the issue. Either get rid of what is making you feel this way (a deadbeat boyfriend or a toxic friend) or learn to replace you shopping addiction with a different one. For example, if you feel the need to shop when you’re sad, go for a jog instead. Wouldn’t it be awesome to replace your shopping addiction with a jogging addiction that’s going to benefit your health and your confidence?

Handing Over Credit Card

Hide the Card/Delete the Saved Payment Information

One of the biggest issues with online shopping is that we can do it anytime and anywhere, no matter how busy we are. If you have this issue, try deleting your saved payment information or make it impossible to reach your card. Hide it. Put it away; put it in the trunk so you can’t shop when you’re the passenger in the car. Just get rid of the ability to pay and you can’t buy anything.

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Wait 24 Hours

Sometimes we think we need things, and we don’t. From now on, put your items in the cart and leave them there for 24 hours. Most of the time you will realize in this time frame that you do not need whatever is in that cart and you will not buy it. If you still want it or need it after the time is up, then it’s okay to buy it. After all, sometimes we do need to buy new clothes or shoes for reasons that are legit.

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Ask the Question

Do I need this? Like, do I NEED this or do I just want it? Do I have no other clothes I can wear to a job interview or on a first date? Can I borrow something from a friend? Will I use this thing again in my life or will I wear it or use it just once and then discard it forever because it was a one-time deal? What’s up with this?

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Give Yourself a Cash Allowance

Don’t use your cards anymore. Make it hard to shop by giving yourself a cash allowance. You will then have to go into stores to shop, and most of us hate that. Additionally, when your cash is gone you cannot buy anything else so you will remain in your budget and free of debt.


Track Spending

The easiest way to see how much money it is you are wasting every day and every month is just to track it. Get an app or software that will do this for you and input your receipts. Sometimes a tangible reminder that you shop too much and spend too much is all it takes to remind you that you have to stop and be a bit more responsible with your finances.

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Be Accountable

Get a partner who wants to stop spending and be accountable. Show one another your bank records. Make it a new rule that you have to ask your spouse to spend money on your shopping addiction and give him the power to veto your purchases. It’s not giving up your freedom; it’s learning to control your addiction and take control of what’s hurting your wallet.

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Fill Your Calendar

If you’re too busy to shop, you can’t shop. How novel is that? If you have a packed social life and you keep busy and active and happy, you probably will not feel the need to shop so much anymore. You will be so busy being fun and amazing that you won’t need to fill any missing voids in your life with stuff you don’t really need or even want, and that’s going to make the big difference in your spending habits and your ability to save money and have a more fulfilling life in other ways.

Mother and daughter shopping

Learn to Say No

Sometimes you have to say no. Sometimes your shopping and spending addictions aren’t because of you; they’re because of other people. Do you constantly shop with friends who encourage you to buy things because they love them? Do you shop with people who have a lot more money than you and feel the need to spend more than you have so that you can keep up with them?

If so, learn to say no. If you are worried this might cause some friction in your friendships, ditch them. People who want you to do things you cannot afford to do are not really your friends in the first place. Real friends have your back.

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