This Not That: DIY Beauty Hacks

Why spend the big bucks to be primped and pampered when these affordable and easy-to-use products offer equally luxurious results?

In the mood to treat yourself and save money all at once? We’ve got you covered. These brilliant beauty products are budget-friendly alternatives to a day at the spa or splurging in the salon.

While each product was designed to be used at home, the wow-worthy results will rival some of the most sought-after professional treatments around. And what’s more luxurious than that?

Ineffable Care Dry Body Brush

Walk into a luxe spa on any given day and they’ll likely hand you a comfy robe, some slippers, and a dry brush. But getting baby soft skin doesn’t require the assistance of others. You just need to buy the right beauty tools.

Out of all the spa-level skin treatments on this list, dry brushing is one thing you should definitely be doing at home instead. All dry brushes do the same thing: improve circulation and exfoliate your skin.

ineffable care dry brush kit on white background

For salon-quality results, Ineffable Care’s Dry Body Brush is said to be the best on the market. Because this kit comes with a body brush, a face brush, and a cellulite massager brush, it’s basically an at-home spa treatment. 

And at under $7, it’s not just a steal, it’s a no-brainer.

Static Nails

These award-winning press-on nails are a game-changer. You’ll have your pick of 60 different and dazzling palette packs, available in all sorts of lengths, exciting effects, colors, and manicure trends.

Whether you prefer a perfectly rounded french tip or an almond-shaped chrome look, nobody does it better than Static Nails.

hand showing off French manicure press on nails while touching white flowers
Static Nails Official Website

Each reusable set comes with 24 nails in 10 sizes, a non-damaging glue, a file, and a pro-level buffer. Whether you opt for press-ones that give a gel, powder, or acrylic mani appearance, they all can be easily removed, reapplied, re-shaped, and re-painted.

Olive & June The Mani System

Ready to take your at-home nail care one step further? This DIY mani kit comes with everything you need.

Olive & June manicure kit numbered to show each piece
Olive & June Official Website

In addition to cuticle serum, nail polish remover, clippers, files, and then some, it comes with a clean nail polish of your choice. Olive & Junes’ polishes are renowned for being the longest-lasting clean polishes on the scene, and they’re all about $8 a pop.

If you’re in the mood to shop around, check out Cosmopolitan’s 7 best manicure sets and kits for getting perfect nails at home.

Amope Pedi Perfect Wet Dry Electronic Pedicure

Before you book your next mani-pedi, hold that thought and stay home.

It’s much easier to do a professional pedicure at home than you might think. Once again, it’s all about finding the right tools.

woman removing calluses from heels with mope pedi perfect tool
Amope Official Website

Historically, the roughest part of any at-home pedicure is adequately softening our feet. But not anymore. For smoothing away calluses and rough spots, try Amope’s Pedi Perfect Wet Dry Electronic Pedicure.

It’s a top-rated waterproof scrubber/exfoliator boasting a dual-speed system and a rechargeable foot file.

DIY Salon-Level Blowout

Brazilian blowouts and professional keratin treatments can range from $200 to $500. But there are affordable ways around that.

If you want salon-quality results without the salon price tag, here’s what to do.

Stylist blow drying woman's hair in salon

First, invest in a solid keratin treatment. The Paris Resistance Ciment Thermique Conditioner from Kerastase comes highly recommended by hair care professionals. Smooth this one onto towel-dried hair for a silky blowout. Its mix of keratin and plant sap work together to build up your hair protein and smooth unruly strands that’ll hold for up to a week.

Here are the 10 best at-home keratin treatments worth trying, according to Women’s Health.

Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Daily Peel

Say goodbye to build-up and hello to radiant skin from the comfort of home. Based on Dr. Dennis Gross’s famed in-office treatments, these powerhouse peels gently exfoliate, nourish, hydrate, and reinvigorate your complexion.

two alpha beta peel containers stacked on top of each other on white background
The Skin Store

Available in regular and extra strength versions, Alpha Beta Peels are suitable for all skin types. The beauty award-winning packs range from $15 to $150 based on how many you want.

Whether you go with 60 pads or just enough for a week, these peels definitely beat potentially paying thousands of dollars in a spa.

Neutrogena Home Microdermabrasion System

When you go to a skin specialist, microdermabrasion will cost you $150-$200 on average, and that’s not including related expenses or returning treatments. So for 16 bucks and consistently rave reviews, you can’t go wrong with this kit.

neutropenia microdermabrasion starter kit on white background
Neutrogena Official Website

This budget-friendly beautifier by Neutrogena uses 12 single-use puffs and micro-vibrations to easily remove dull skin, leaving your complexion clean, softer, and firmer.

For those looking to spend a little more, check out these 6 at-home microdermabrasion kits guaranteed to give your skin its brightest glow, compliments of Byrdie.

Lymphatic Massage With Calendula Cream

If you’ve ever had a lymphatic drainage massage, you know just how relaxing it can be. It’s also great for maintaining proper blood circulation, body fluid balance, and immune functions. The best part is, you can do it at home for much less.

Aromatica Juicy Cream on white background
Peach & Lily

Incorporate Aromatica’s Calendula Juicy Cream into your shower routine. It can be a pre or post-shower step, or both. Formulated with Ceramides and Tamarind Seed Polysaccharide, this deep hydration cream is the perfect go-to for lymphatic massage and your skin will retain moisture way longer than usual.

At-Home Essence Treatment

These days, A-listers are obsessed with the Layering Essence treatment at Eco Your Skin, South Korea’s biggest spa. The nutrient-packed process involves spraying an entire bag of their signature treatment onto the face. Your skin is instantly plumped and refreshed.

Luckily, the buzzed-about spa created a line of special formulas that can be used at home for the same results.

pouch of essence treatment for oily skin
Peach & Lily

For an instant facial, pat the liquid on cleansed skin, chill for about 30-minutes and prepare to be amazed by just how well this at-home treatment works.

Garnier Nutrisse Color Reviver

Are your tresses looking a little tired or faded? Skip the salon and try this 5-minute miracle hair mask for a major boost in color. Considering how much hair-color experts charge, this product promising “day one color” might prove to be the best $8 you’ve ever spent.

garnier color reviver on white background

Leave it on for five or 10 minutes and witness your locks come back to life. For the most vibrant and lasting results, repeat the process every two weeks in place of your conditioner.

DIY Steam Facial With Essential Oils

There’s nothing like a steam facial to thoroughly cleanse your pores while promoting clear and dewy skin. And it’s easy to do it at home.

smiling woman Relaxing during a facial steam treatment

For a spa-like experience, fill a bowl with boiling water and let it cool slightly for your skin’s safety. Add a couple of drops of Rosemary Essential Oil from Public Goods to balance the skin, lavender oil for oily skin from Plant Therapy or Plant Therapy’s Tea Tree Oil to soothe irritation.

Lean over the bowl, cover your head with a towel to trap the steam, and voila!

WrinkLit LED Mask

Investing in an at-Home LED treatment won’t yield quite as powerful results as the one in the dermatologist’s office. However, it’ll be way more affordable and you won’t have to book an appointment to use it.

Marie Claire voted the WrinkLit LED Mask one of the best in existence, especially for those with ever-changing skin. It’s also one of the most affordable options you’ll find.

Skin Gym's led mask sitting next to the box it comes in

If you have a pimple one day or a dull complexion the next, this wrinkle-reducing wonder will adapt to your skin’s needs. The blue, red, and orange beams treat different conditions, so you’ll be able to switch up your light therapy routine based on your skin’s evolving needs.

Skinfix Hand Cream

From daily hand washing, sanitizing, cold weather, and showers, our hands struggle to retain proper moisture. There are plenty of professional treatments designed to combat cracking hands and remove dead skin, but this Allure Best of Beauty winner will save you the trip and some cash.

skinfix hand repair on blue backgroun

For those who suffer from perpetually dry skin, seriously consider adding this ultra-moisturizing, repairing hand cream to your self-care routine stat. Those who swear by SkinFix’s star product say their hands have never looked or felt better, making the $18 a small price to pay.

Try this: Give yourself a daily hand massage and you’ll notice a drastic improvement by the end of the week.

Bliss Poetic Waxing Hair Removal Kit

While some waxing is definitely left to professionals, the Bliss Poetic Waxing Kit allows you to safely do a little more hair removing than ever before, and bring the spa home with you in a number of ways.

In addition to the top-notch tools, the professional-grade wax is the same formula found at Bliss spas. The low-temp wax effortlessly coats the entire hair follicle and requires no strip to get the job done. In turn, it’s ideal for removing short or coarse hairs.

bliss poetic waxing kit tools on white background

This jampacked kit also comes with pre-and post-waxing oil, infused with soothing chamomile flower and moisture-rich apricot oil. And it’s cruelty-free.

All you have to do is heat it up in the microwave until it reaches a honey-like texture and you’re good to go.

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