Motivate Yourself to Make That Cash

Motivate Yourself to Make That Cash

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Although you might have a general idea of how to stay healthy and motivated in life, there are 12 surefire ways to help streamline the process. You can easily work these motivation boosters into your normal, everyday schedule.

If you feel like your life could benefit from a less stressful way to boost your energy and focus, read on. This list is especially helpful for companies looking to increase employee motivation and performance, but the tips work great for individuals, too.

Play Some Music

Adding a literal soundtrack to your day has been proven to help lift people’s moods, especially in the workplace. Granted, the music should be instrumental to allow for more focus and less distraction.

Practice Visualization

Did you know that your brain can’t distinguish between an imagined memory and a real one? Take advantage of this by visualizing stressful situations before they happen. It can help put your mind at ease when they actually do happen.

Disconnect Yourself

With how connected everyone is to one another these days, we could all benefit from spending a little time being disconnected for a while. During your lunch break, or perhaps for an hour before or after work, shut down the computer and put your phone away.

Take a Cold Shower

While it might not like the most appealing thing to do, taking a quick cold shower can go a long way in helping to keep yourself sharp.  You can do this following your usual hot shower.

Educate Yourself

Are you in need of brain enhancement?  Sometimes learning to master a new technique or concept can go a long way in boosting both motivation and self-confidence. Check out online courses on sites like Udemy or Coursera for inspiration.

Add a Little Fun

Hopefully, your workplace allows for a little fun on the job. Target to this list for some opportunities. Studies have shown that happy employees are generally more productive, have higher job satisfaction, are less stressed, and have improved task performance.

Meditation Can Help

By setting aside just ten minutes a day in the morning and evening, you can reap some serious benefits. Meditation can work wonders for your mental health and teach you how to focus.

Try Fasting

If you’d like to give your body a chance to rid itself of dysfunctional cells, increase the number of mitochondria, and boost human growth hormones, try intermittent fasting. The most common way to fast is to limit your meal window to 8-12 hours a day.

Make Time for Exercise

It isn’t always easy to fit a little exercise in our already busy schedules, but once you get used to the habit, you’d be surprised at how much extra energy you’ll gain in return. Make time for a midday jog or an early morning yoga routine.

…and Also for Napping

The National Sleep Foundation states that taking a 20-minute power nap between the hours of 1-3 pm can help reduce mistakes and accidents, along with enhancing performance and restoring alertness.

Eat Energizing Foods

Opt for natural foods with low amounts of simple sugars, such as leafy green vegetables, berries, coffee, tea, walnuts, and fatty fish. You should also have your vitamin and mineral levels checked, and supplement any areas you’re found to be deficient in. You’ve got to have the right fuel to power your brain!

Tweak Your Sleep

Are you looking for ways to help you fall asleep?  The next time you lay down for the night, try lowering the room temperature to 65-68 degrees, limit your blue-light exposure for at least two hours before bedtime, and use room-darkening shades.  A supplement such as melatonin may also help.