Frugal Living: Simple Lifestyle Changes that Will Save you Money

Money’s tight right now, we get that. The economy has seen better days and everyone’s trying to tighten their belts and just get by the best they can. One good way to save money is to start getting in on a trend known as “frugal living.” By thinking carefully about the ways you spend your money, you can save a ton and put the extra into your own retirement account, your savings or just back into your pocket for a rainy day.

Eating at Home

Try to resist the temptation to go out to eat when you’re feeling hungry and unmotivated to cook. The more times you cook, the more money you save. Try to reserve going out to eat as a special treat instead of as the primary way you get food. If you’re always going to restaurants to eat, you’re not only spending more on food. You’re also putting a ton more wear and tear on your vehicle!

This goes double if you often order food delivered through apps like GrubHub and DoorDash. These apps are tremendously expensive, often doubling the costs of the food you’re ordering. If you can at all help it, only use these services if you have a gift card or if there’s absolutely no other option. They’re simply far too costly to be reasonable.

Drinking more Water

Soda, energy drinks, fruit juices, sports drinks: they’re all pricey and high in sugar. You could save a lot of money if you cut all of those out of your diet altogether. Drinking more water isn’t just good for you; it’s often much less expensive than whatever your previous drink budget was. Invest in a simple filter for your faucet so you’ve got clean water ready to go for your daily activity.

Making Coffee at Home

Are you hitting Starbucks every morning to get yourself a cup of coffee? We can’t blame you–coffee is a great way to start the day. However, you could probably save a ton of money if you cut out buying coffee out and started making your coffee at home. A coffee maker and store-bought coffee beans will likely pay for themselves in no time when you compare the cost to even a month of buying a daily coffee every morning.

Remember: there are tons of ways to save–you just need to be creative and stay on the lookout for them.

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