Entertainment Budgeting: Keeping Your Costs Down While Getting the Most

When it comes to entertainment, you’re usually thinking about how much you’re spending out to eat, at the movies, on vacation, seeing concerts, and, of course, your streaming services. However, recent events have made entertainment a bit more narrow, allowing you to save a lot of money you might not otherwise save on going out.

That makes this an ideal time to save up some money in your entertainment budget. After all, when you’re able to get back to the movies or the gourmet restaurants, you’re going to want some money on hand to spend now. So, what are the best ways to make your entertainment budget stretch even further while you’re waiting for normal activities to become available?

Choosing Your Streaming

There are a lot of streaming services out there. From Netflix to Hulu to Disney Plus, and newcomers like HBO Max and Paramount Plus, it’s hard to figure out which streaming service you actually need (or want, for that matter) to watch all of your favorite shows. However, for most people, having subscriptions to multiple streaming services will cause your monthly entertainment bill to get out of control quickly.

This is far from ideal, as it’s unlikely you’ll be able to watch multiple services every month to get your money’s worth out of them. Make sure you’ve got your streaming services dialed in to one or two that you know you’ll watch the most, that way you’re not spending upwards of $50 per month just on streaming services.

You could also rely on free services, like Pluto TV, that allow you to watch plenty of great online programming without spending a dime.

Eating at Home

It can be tempting to swing out and grab fast food when you’re in a hurry. However, this is a great way to also spend a lot more money on food over the course of a month than if you relied more on cooking at home. Before you head out to eat, consider, instead, making something at home and saving that money for a nice dinner that you schedule with a friend or loved one.

Whittling away your restaurant budget on fast food is a surefire way to not have enough to take your friends or family out to a nice dinner! Between this and other savings techniques, you’ll find you’ve saved up plenty for your entertainment budget just in time to get back out and hit a great show at the theater or visit your favorite restaurant.

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