20 Purchases That’ll Save You Money Every Day

It might sound strange, but sometimes to save money, you need to spend a little first. When it comes to everyday essentials, we're here to help you buy what you need with your budget in mind.

You don’t need to pinch every penny to save for a rainy day. Sometimes, spending money upfront can help you save money in the long run. The trick is knowing which purchases will ultimately make the biggest financial difference.

So first things first, look around. Ask yourself this: Where does most of my money go? Then get ready to make some real changes.

Ready? Here are 20 money-saving items designed with everyday in mind.

Smart Phone Protectors

These days, most people use their Smartphones for just about everything. In turn, they’ve become an indispensable part of our everyday lives. Unfortunately, it’s also pretty easy to break them.

broken phone

Say goodbye to dropping your phone and cracking the screen. Instead, protect your most-used device. Invest in the thickest, strongest case you can find and afford.

If you’re looking for the best Smartphone protection on the market, the Otterbox Defender series comes highly recommended.

 Reusable Water Bottle

Disposable water bottles are not only a waste of your money, they’re terrible for the environment. Frankly, there’s no better time than right now to switch over to a reusable water bottle. Mother Earth agrees.

reusable water bottle

There are tons of affordable, reusable water bottles out there. Whether you need something easy on the eyes, spillproof, or with a built-in filter, check out Amazon’s selection. You’ll have your pick of any color, shape, or material you desire. Best of all, you’ll save beaucoup bucks when you stop tossing out those empty bottles.

Produce Keepers

Throwing away fresh fruit and veggies is never fun, but it’s almost inevitable once in a while. So why not switch to special containers designed to dodge this dining dilemma?  

produce keepers

Produce keepers are different from typical Tupperware and other storage containers. They’re cleverly designed to slow spoilage. They come with internal colanders, carbon filter traps, and vents to maintain ideal humidity levels. Give your wallet a rest by giving your produce a fresh start.

Wool Dryer Balls

Because laundry is a never-ending task, the cost of fabric-softener sheets adds up quickly. In contrast, wool dryer balls are a chemical-free, money-saving way to soften your clothes.

dryer balls

Not only are they extremely affordable and better for your skin, they can last for years. On Amazon, you can get six of these long-lasting, eco-friendly dryer balls for under $7 right now.

Rechargeable Batteries

Single-use batteries are a wasteful product. And they’re rarely cheap. Rechargeable batteries, on the other hand, can go the distance.

rechargeable batteries

Their initial cost is higher than disposable batteries, but you can use them again and again. So when it comes to high-use items around the house, you’ll save significantly.

Window Insulation Kit

If the weather outside is frigid, you’ll want to keep your family warm. Unfortunately, you might be paying to heat the outside, too. With your heating bill in mind, it might be time to check out an indoor window insulation kit.

winter day

Window insulation can lead to a more energy-efficient home and it’s super easy to apply. Just cut the film to fit your windows, put it in place with the mounting tape, and voila! If you see a few wrinkles, smooth them out with a blow-dryer.

Kitchen Thermometers

Why burn or undercook your food when you could get the temperature just right? A simple oven thermometer often makes all the difference.

oven thermometer

Most oven thermometers only cost about $6. They’re easy to hang from the oven rack and accurate. In addition, a meat thermometer can tell you exactly when your roast or bird is cooked to perfection–and safety. So get cooking and start saving!

Tire-pressure Gauge

Believe it or not, driving with adequately inflated tires improves your gas mileage. In most cases, you can save up to 3%. Not to mention, your tires will last longer.

tire pressure

Whether you prefer digital or analog, there’s a tire gauge just right for you. And they’re generally inexpensive. Definitely worth the minor investment for long-term rewards.

Low-Flow Showerheads

Have you ever considered a low-flow shower head? You might want to.


These cost-efficient showerheads deliver about half the water of a regular shower head. However, you likely won’t notice the difference–until you get your water bill, of course.

Ceiling Fan

This one seems simple, but it can make a major difference, especially in the summertime. As the temperatures rise, so does the power bill. Installing a ceiling fan can help you scale those costs back.

ceiling fan

Ceiling fans are believed to use about as much energy as a regular light bulb, but they could potentially lower your energy bill by 30% or even 40%.

Vacuum Food Sealer

This might sound a little fancy at first, but it’s mostly just smart. Vacuum food sealers are an all around great way to make food last.

vac sealed food

By storing your prepped meats and veggies in airtight pouches, you’ll have the freedom to cook a delicious meal whenever you’re ready. In turn, you’ll have less food waste, more money, and a new kitchen hobby.

A Laundry Drying Rack or Clothesline

In the laundry department, one way to save money is by going back to basics. If you don’t feel like running a clothesline in the backyard, you can save money with one of these handy contraptions instead.

drying rack

There are countless simple and collapsable indoor racks out there, all of which will save you money, even if you don’t fully say goodbye to your dryer.

Upgrade Your Coffee Maker

A good coffee maker will often pay for itself with each brew. Whether you opt for a classic French press, a Pour Over Coffee Maker, or an AeroPress, you’ll no longer need to overspend in pricey coffee shops.

coffee maker

If espresso is more your speed, you don’t have to invest in a Breville to get your money’s worth. Look into a basic-model Nespresso or a Nespresso Essenza Mini if you feel like splurging. Frequent coffee drinkers will still save money in the long-run when they brew their own at home.

Reusable Coffee Filters and K-Cups

Many people drink more coffee than they want to spend time making it. But relying on throwaway cups, single-use filters, or disposable K-Cup pods is wasteful and costly.

Paper coffee filters are undoubtedly better for the environment, but there’s an even more cost-efficient alternative. Try a reusable organic hemp and cotton filter for your regular coffee maker.


Also, it’s time to say so-long to disposable K-Cups. To save on money and cut down on waste, consider switching to a reusable version. However, they’re not all created equally. Check out this version from Keurig for a truly solid K-Cup buy.

Reusable Grocery and Shopping Bags

Nobody needs paper or plastic when you have your own cloth or nylon shopping bag ready to go.

reusable bags

On top of being eco-friendly, certain grocery stores will give discounts to those who bring their own bags. So shop around with a deal in mind. It might be easier than you think to find a grocery store offering more bang for your buck when you bring your own bags.

Solar Holiday Lights

There’s no place like home for the holidays. Thanks to all those sparkly lights, it’s also the season where costs can really soar. So let’s prepare for the next holiday season with some smart shopping.

solar lights

Solar-powered holiday lights look like any ole holiday lights, but they’re way more energy efficient. Instead of plugging them into the wall, they’re connected to their own solar panel. They soak up the sun throughout the day and by the power of solar energy, they burn brightly at night.

Cloth Napkins

Cloth napkins don’t have to be reserved for special occassions. And this eco-friendly investment can save you money every day.

cloth napkins

There are plenty of options sturdy enough to throw in the washing machine regularly. On Amazon, they come in a variety of colors and patterns. You’ll cut back on how often you use paper towels, paper napkins, and how often you’re filling up the trash bin.

A Basic Sewing Kit

Keeping a basic sewing kit handy is never a bad idea.

basic sewing kit

Some time or another, you’re going to need to reattach buttons, repair a small tear, add a patch, etc. Instead of paying someone else to fix it–or throwing it away–just be prepared and learn how to sew. It’s not that hard!

Warehouse Club Membership

If you’re unsure about getting a warehouse club membership, don’t knock it until you’ve shopped in it. Yes, there’s a yearly fee involved, but if you’re a smart grocery shopper, you’ll get way more out of it than you’ll financially lose.

shopping bulk

On top of food and toiletries in bulk at exceptional discounts, most stores like this usually offer prescription deals, eyeglasses discounts, travel deals, cheap gas prices, and so on. Get your bulk shopping on and start saving today. Start by looking into what Sams Club and Costco have to offer.

It’s totally worth it.

A Bicycle

Obviously, commuting by bicycle isn’t always realistic. In some climates, it’s downright impossible. But if you have the option, it’s a budget-friendly strategy worth considering.

bicycle riding

A bike will undoubtedly help you save money on gasoline, car repairs, and parking costs. And of course, it’s another eco-friendly hack. But the main benefit will be to your overall health and as we know, improved health is not just a lifesaver, it’s a money saver.

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