20 Cute Child Celebrities All Grown Up

Miley Cyrus posing with tongue out
Getty Images

Some kids start off adorable and sweet and peak at a young age. Other kids start off looking a bit like aliens (like my twins) and get cuter and cuter as they get older (or begin to weigh more than 3 lbs. in my twins’ defense). Others are adorable and sweet, and would probably remain adorable if they remained sweet. Unfortunately, some people are just ugly.

And I’m not talking about on the outside; I’m talking about on the inside. And when someone is ugly on the inside, it really makes the outside appear less than beautiful. These child stars were all adorable in their prime, but they’ve changed so much that they’re no longer as cute; and in many cases it’s because of the poor decisions they’ve made over the years. We’re not saying they’re ugly by any means, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder and most of the people on this list, unfortunately, no longer live up to Hollywood’s insane expectations of beauty.