The Worst Celebrity Makeup and Plastic Surgery Fails!


Celebrities experience constant criticism of their looks, prompting many to turn to plastic surgery and makeup risks that don’t always work out in their favor.

Here are some of the most shocking plastic surgery and makeup fails that we’ve seen coming out of Hollyweird! We’re talking even weirder than what you’d usually expect.

Igor and Grichka Bogdanov Before


Igor and Grichka are identical twin brothers from France. They rose to prominence as scientific essayists who transitioned to TV hosts, which is presumably when they started developing a keener sense of what’s hot and what’s not. Whether or not that’s truly the situation, we’re not exactly sure – but let’s just go with that.

Igor and Grichka Bogdanov After


In the late 1990s the twins started undergoing various plastic surgeries. Now at age 70, these twins are trying hard to hold onto their glory days. Just imagine what it must have been like to live your life looking like that. But hey, at least it made them into stars?

Renee Zellweger Before


The much-lauded actress made waves as Bridget Jones in the Bridget Jones’s Diary franchise. But she made even bigger waves in 2014 at the Elle magazine Women in Hollywood awards, where spectators noticed her face looked completely different. You’ve gotta admit that she looks really fantastic either way, and what matters most is that she likes herself.

Renee Zellweger After

Getty Images

While Zellweger remains coy about having undergone any plastic surgery, there has been speculation that she had work done on her eyes, as well as a facelift, a neck lift, and some serious Botox. You can see some differences, clearly… but we can’t expect every celebrity to still look like they’re 20. But it does feel like they have a need to still meet a status quo.

Lara Flynn Boyle Before


The star of horror series Twin Peaks shocked people when she underwent plastic surgery that left her looking truly frightening. People were truly amazed that she was able to look so very different from what they were used to seeing. After all, you’d think people would notice changes on such a famous face.

Lara Flynn Boyle After

Splash News

Barely recognizable with lip injections and face fillers, the Wayne’s World beauty went a little too far with these procedures. That’s pretty obvious from just this photo alone. And what’s wrong with just aging naturally anyway? Even older gals still have plenty of natural beauty, if you know how to recognize what matters most.

Courtney Cox Before

Getty Images

Courtney Cox has been in the limelight since the early ’90s. The star has always been known for her striking beauty, but after years in Hollywood, Cox started using face fillers to keep her youthful looks. As you can tell in the next photo, it’s a little more than obvious. But it’s kind of expected that it’d be easy to notice when we’re so used to what she looks like on Friends.

Courtney Cox After

The Independent

The 55-year-old Cox even admitted that she went too far trying to look young and beautiful. In an interview with New Beauty magazine, she said, “Fillers are not my friend.” It’s kind of sad when a celebrity just truly starts to not even look like themselves any more–it takes away from what made them famous to begin with, their very recognizable face.

Kim Kardashian Before


The Kardashians do not shy away from beauty enhancements, and much of Kim K’s facial work has managed to look pretty good. However, Kim has taken her big-butt brand to another level with obvious implants. And come on, it isn’t every day that a celebrity gets butt implants over every other type of implant that celebrities have been known to get.

Kim Kardashian After

Getty Images

Kim denies the rumors surrounding her derriere of deceit, but it’s pretty clear that her butt has undergone some major changes since the early days of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. It’s very obvious that the before butt that Kim used to have isn’t the same butt that Kim has nowadays. The only question that remains is if she’ll go even bigger?

Kylie Jenner Before


Jenner has openly admitted to the lip fillers that took her from Kim K’s little sister to billionaire makeup mogul. But that doesn’t mean she’s safe from makeup disasters. No one is ever guaranteed that there will be no risk at all when it comes to injecting your body with all of the fillers and things that it isn’t used to having. And sometimes bodies just reach their limit.

Kylie Jenner After


With the money she makes, you’d think Jenner could afford to hire a better makeup artist. This foundation fail exposes Jenner’s attempt to fake some cleavage. This is “is that a photoshop job” level? It looks like someone literally just tried to digitalize her chest using Microsoft Paint or some other introductory level digital program.

Miley Cyrus Before


Cyrus doesn’t shy away from taking risks with her looks, but the most bold choices sometimes happen by accident. And ahhh, didn’t Miley used to look so very innocent? Especially in her Disney days with the longer locks and decidedly fresher looks than she currently sports nowadays. And don’t get me started on her behavior…

Miley Cyrus After


The white powder surrounding Cyrus’s lips was probably meant to deflect shine, but it didn’t stop people from wondering what else it might be from. Her striking buzz cut and incessant twerking couldn’t distract us from noticing this blunder. Ok, ok… so there’s no way that anyone wouldn’t notice, no matter what she did to try distracting us.

Nicole Kidman Before


No star is immune to a makeup fail. Nicole Kidman has walked many red carpets, but one left people wondering if she had ever been in front of cameras before. You can’t help but wonder what she was possibly thinking when you see the next photo though. I mean, seriously. She didn’t think anyone would notice the difference?

Nicole Kidman After


This fiasco left fans thinking the makeup artist had a vendetta against Kidman. There is no way that the artist didn’t know that Kidman was walking away like that, and you’d also have to wonder what Kidman must have done to them to make them risk their professional reputation like this! But then again, you’d think Kidman might look in a mirror first…

Michael Jackson Before


Everyone knows the late Michael Jackson had some serious problems throughout his career as a pop superstar. One of those appeared to be an addiction to surgery. Jackson is probably the most famous person known for having plastic surgery that has every existed. When people think “celebrity plastic surgery,” they think Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson After


Among other procedures, it’s rumored that Jackson underwent skin bleaching, a forehead lift, cheekbone surgery, lip alterations, and six nose surgeries. But those are just the surgeries we’re able to see that isn’t under his clothing. Gosh knows what else he may have had done… but mostly, it’s just sad to think that he ever thought he needed it at all.

Big Ang Before


Mob Wives star Angela “Big Ang” Raiola lived an opulent lifestyle as a gangster girlfriend, undergoing numerous procedures that left her looking unrecognizable by the time she was in her fifties. When you see the after photo, you’ll know exactly what I mean. Surely that can’t be the same person, right? They look nothing alike.

Big Ang After

Michael N. Todaro/Getty Images

Big Ang openly admitted that she was obsessed with plastic surgery. She revealed that she’d had a tummy tuck, liposuction, lip injections, and multiple breast surgeries. In other words, she basically had every single surface of her skin worked on, and probably in other areas as well. Just how much plastic surgery can one person handle?

Axl Rose Before


The singer of Guns N’ Roses was as handsome as he was talented, but it seems that a constant spotlight and fear of aging led Rose to try cosmetic surgery. I guess it isn’t too hard to imagine what it’s like to spend so much time in the spotlight, being loved and adored by fans and then face having your looks start to fade away.

Axl Rose After

NY Daily News

It’s rumored that Rose underwent a facelift, as well as Botox and fillers that make his skin utterly smooth and utterly creepy. He clearly looks nothing like how he used to look, and you can’t help but imagine what he would have looked like if he never had anything done at all. And honestly, his truest fans would have loved him regardless.

Lark Voorhies Before


Lark Voorhies rose to prominence in the early ’90s while playing the beautiful Lisa Turtle on Saved by the Bell. Unfortunately, her time in the spotlight since then has revolved around a dramatic change in her looks. She definitely looks far, far different from how she used to look in her Saved by the Bell days. You  might gasp when you see the next one…

Lark Voorhies After


See what I mean? She looks nothing like how she used to look. It’s like looking at another person entirely. The 45-year-old actress has denied the rumors, but it’s still unclear if the changes stem from botched surgeries or major makeup fails. Either way, her face clearly isn’t the one that belonged to the Saved by the Bell actress that we used to love.

Donatella Versace Before


64-year-old Versace has become a fashion mogul, but she got hooked on cosmetic enhancement after dying her hair blonde for the first time when she was just 11. As you can see in the next photo, all of the many years of plastic surgery certainly took its toll after some time. She looks nothing like how she used to look in her youth, like how you’d imagine she’d naturally age.

Donatella Versace After


Major lip fillers, skin laser treatment, Botox and hair dye have left Versace looking like a wax replica of herself. She doesn’t even look totally human in some ways. Even her hair looks like it might be a wig and not actually her own, though that is decidedly the smallest offense. But hey, if she likes it, she likes it, and that’s all that matters.

Vicki Gunvalson Before


Reality star Vicki Gunvalson has been known for years for her explosive fights with her castmates on The Real Housewives of Orange County. And like many reality stars, she has not shied away from facial surgery. When you see the next photo you’ll be able to notice the differences for yourself, they’re pretty drastic for someone her age.

Vicki Gunvalson After


As you can see, Botox doesn’t make it easy for the Real Housewives to show their emotions in their faces. This is why they rely on wine throwing and table flipping to express their feelings. You can’t help but wonder just how much wine it would take to feel like you don’t need to have any plastic surgery. Or maybe it’s the other way around.

Heidi Montag Before


Speaking of reality stars, Heidi Montag rose to prominence as a star of Laguna Beach. The once- natural beauty has admitted to dramatic plastic surgery that she felt she was too young for. But just wait til you see the next photo of just how very different she looks. There are certain …ahem, features in particular that she obviously got a lot of work done.

Heidi Montag After


BAM. In 2010, after having ten procedures done in one day, Montag underwent a devastating recovery process. Her chin reduction, brow lift, and botox injections left her looking pretty fake. And you have to admit that the chin reduction brow lift and botox injections can’t possibly be the only things she’s had done. This pic makes that pretty obvious.

Lil’ Kim Before

Frank Micelotta/ImageDirect/Getty Images

Hip hop superstar Lil’ Kim has been largely left out of mainstream conversation as new rap queens like Cardi B have popped. But the 42-year-old was on everyone’s radar last year when she shocked the public with a new look. And she didn’t just change her look, it’s like she changed her entire personal altogether. The difference is amazing.

Lil’ Kim After


Specialists think she had a nose job, fat removal around the eyes, skin bleaching, and Botox injections. Fans have not taken to the new look, with some even comparing Lil’ Kim to the puppet from Saw. I mean, just look at her. She doesn’t look like a real person at all, and everything looks entirely fake. Granted, it’s an upgrade, but it just doesn’t look natural.

Lindsey Lohan Before


Lindsey Lohan has been part of the Hollywood scene since she was a kid. The Mean Girls star has had some major plastic surgery that’s left her looking a little strange. If you grew up watching her in all of the teen movies, the before and after makes it really devastating if you were one of her big fans. She seriously changed in so many ways.

Lindsey Lohan After

Sipa USA via AP / Abaca Press

Specialists think she had surgery to make her nose appear slimmer, as well as cheek fillers, lip fillers, and Botox. She’s sadly no longer the sweetheart teenager we all used to know and love. Don’t you just wish that sometimes we could turn back the clock and return to how we used to be? I guess celebs at least can watch their old films.

Janice Dickinson Before


64-year-old Janice Dickinson, the first supermodel, has admitted to having multiple plastic surgeries. She revealed that she’s had a tummy tuck and a facelift. Just wait til you see the after photo, because even though she has the excuse of many years in between, you can still see how plastic surgery has definitely had a big effect in how she looks.

Janice Dickinson After

Getty Images

However, it seems she’s done much more than that. This isn’t surprising, as Dickinson has said she “lives for plastic surgery.” Ok, I admit that she doesn’t look bad at all, even considering all of the plastic surgery she’s had. She must have had a much better plastic surgeon than some others on this list. Kudos to Dickenson, because she looks really great.

Mickey Rourke Before


A former heartthrob actor, Mickey Rourke looks dramatically different now. It’s amazing how much time can change someone, but when you sprinkle on a little plastic surgery on top of that? Well, in Rourke’s case, it’s more than just a little sprinkle. You’ll have to check out the next photo to see exactly what I mean. I mean… yikes.

Mickey Rourke After


It’s said that he’s had a botched facelift, hair plugs, and lip fillers. Rourke has even admitted that he went to “the wrong guy” for his beauty treatment. I’m sorry, Rourke, but you’re absolutely right. You DID go to the wrong guy, indeed, and I’m so sorry that you’re stuck dealing with their mistake for the rest of your life.

Emma Watson Before


Emma Watson is is usually a 10/10 every time she hits the red carpet. However, even Hermione herself is not immune to a beauty disaster. Too bad she couldn’t just wave a magic wand to get the results she wanted, right? Or to be able to magically make any mistakes just disappear if things DID go wrong? But did they?

Emma Watson After

Jim Spellman/WireImage

Watson’s makeup artist went for an eccentric take on a smoky eye, but it would take some serious magic to pull off this whacky look. Ten points from Gryffindor. You have to admit it though. It could have been way worse, especially when you compare it to other people on this list. Consider yourself warned for the next one up…

Christina Aguilera Before


We’ve all followed a trend that just didn’t work out for us. Popstar Christina Aguilera went through a phase of WAY overdoing her fake tan and bronzer. It probably wasn’t the best idea considering how pale her looks usually are. Surely she must have known that people would notice? And well… you’ll just have to see for yourself.

Christina Aguilera After


Christina’s early-2000s makeup mishaps were either the result of a personal crisis, or a Hollywood conspiracy meant to prepare us for the shock that was Jersey Shore star Snooki. You have to admit that the two of them do look awfully alike here! The question that remains is who inspired who? But why would they want to…

Snooki Before

Theo Wargo, Getty Images

Snooki has pulled herself together in recent years, but her new, mature style hasn’t erased the scar her once-wild looks left upon our collective pop culture conscience. You might want to prepare yourself before you take a peek at this next one. It isn’t what you’d expect, for sure. But what could you really expect from Snooki anyway?

Snooki After

Getty Images

Snooki clearly loved the “Tan” part of “Gym, Tan, Laundry.” Her signature hair pouf and pencil-thin brows were of no help to this fashion faux-pas. But hey, Snooki has her “look” and isn’t that what made her so famous in the first place? What happens if you take away what made a star famous, anyway? Would Snooki still be Snooki?

Paul Stanley Before


Axl Rose is not the only rockstar to go under the knife. Paul Stanley of KISS has shocked fans with his obvious surgical enhancements. It’s kind of expected for rock stars to be kind of out there, but there are limits, you’d think. Yes, even for rock stars. Everyone has a personal limit that their body simply can and cannot take.

Paul Stanley After


A facelift and eyebrow lift have kept the rock star’s skin suspiciously smooth and wrinkle-free. This definitely isn’t the same rock star that we were used to seeing back in the day. But I guess once you start referring to celebrities as someone from “back in the day,” it doesn’t really matter if they still look the same or not.

John Travolta Before


Grease heartthrob John Travolta was once one of the most handsome men in Hollywood. Today, it’s a very different story. Long gone were the days of Travolta looking the way he did in those skinny, tight jeans he used to wear – and the way he looked in those is probably the reason he got hired for those roles in the first place!

John Travolta After


It seems Travolta has had Botox, fillers, and possibly even a hair transplant.

Kaitlyn Bristowe Before


It’s not uncommon for former contestants of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette to get wrapped up in their newfound fame. As they go on to become Instagram influencers, haters stack up as quickly as followers, prompting those like Kaitlyn Bristowe to go under the knife to prevent criticism. It’s kind of really sad when you think about it.

Kaitlyn Bristowe After


Bristowe was once the girl next door, but now she looks like a carbon copy of the L.A. girls of yore. Lip injections, Botox, and a possible facelift have made the former Bachelorette look older than she is. I’ve gotta say it though, she pulls off the blonde look very well. And as the saying goes, blondes do have more fun!

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