The Fifty Wealthiest Towns in America

Mansion Global

Ever wondered where all the richest folks in the country live? If you’re looking for the towns that are the absolute lap of luxury, look no further than this list. Today, we’re counting down the fifty wealthiest towns in the US. While many of these are clustered in California, New York and New England, a few here and there are in the Midwest.

Almost completely excluded from this list, with the exception of Texas, Maryland and Virignia, is the Southeast. For a number of reasons, the American South is the poorest region of the otherwise affluent country. While a few cities in Texas made this list, Texas is as much its own thing as it is part of “the South,” but some consider it as much a part of the South as Louisiana or Alabama. That being said, let’s get into the list and look at how the top one percent lives!