15 Items You Can Still Treat Yourself To While On A Budget

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When money is tight, it is easy to feel stressed.  One reason you may feel that way is that you can’t treat yourself the way you were before you got into that financial situation.  Nobody enjoys not being able to buy the things that they want to purchase.

You need to have little pleasures to enjoy so this is a list of 15 things you can still treat yourself to when you are on a budget.  These little pick me ups can really brighten your spirits.  The website, How I Save Money, has an article on this subject you may find interesting as well.

1. Costume Jewelry

Several pieces of costume jewelry

Costume Jewelry is a fairly inexpensive way to treat yourself when you are on a budget.  You can buy this practically anywhere from a jewelry party to the mall to your local Walmart.  It may not last you forever but it will give you the pick me up that you are looking for.

2. A New Hair Cut

Woman getting a hair cut

A hair cut is something that you need regardless of your budget.  Your hair still needs care and maintenance.  Since you need to have it cut anyways, why not choose a new style?  It could be just the pick-me-up that you need and a great way to treat yourself on a budget.

3. Lipstick

Woman applying lipstick in the mirror

Are you aware there is actually a term “lipstick recession”?  It comes from a recession a few decades ago when lipstick sales went up despite the downturn in the economy.  This is because we ladies know that makeup is a non-negotiable.  It is also a nice way to treat yourself when you want to shop for something but are limited on funding.

4. Nail Polish

Person applying red nail polish

Believe it or not, nail polish is quickly becoming the item women turn to when they need a little way to treat themselves.  With so many high quality companies producing nail polish and so many wonderful nail colors to explore, this is little wonder.  Nail polish is a great way to treat yourself.

5. Gourmet Chocolate

Stack of gourmet chocolate
You can’t ever go wrong with chocolate.  Let’s be honest here.  A candy bar is good, gourmet chocolate is better.  If you are in the mood to treat yourself, pick yourself up some Ghirardelli or Lindt next time that you are out instead of a Twix or a Snickers.  There is only a couple of dollars difference in price but a world of difference in taste.

6. Gourmet Water

Three smart water bottles

I will be honest here.  I did not know the beauty of gourmet water until recently.  I have only just discovered that there is a difference in a case of bottled water and the slightly pricier gourmet water a couple of shelves up.  My personal favorites are SmartWater and Fiji.  Give them a whirl next time you want to treat yourself.

7. Perfumed Lotion

Woman applying lotion to her leg

Chances are, if you are on a budget, you may not have the extra cash to shell out on your favorite fragrance.  But you can still have that same fragrance at a fraction of the cost.  Pick up some perfumed lotion in your favorite scent.  You can treat yourself to a long time fave at a fraction of the cost.

8. Books

Stack of hardcover books

Books are always a treat for me because I am such an avid reader, no matter what kind of budget I am on.  But luckily, books are something relatively inexpensive that you can treat yourself to while on a budget.  If funds are really tight, consider buying used from an online store like Amazon or eBay.  I have got many books for just a few dollars from these sites.

9. A Movie Rental Program

Young couple watching a movie

If you can’t go out to a show, stay in and watch one.  There are many movie rental programs such as Netflix that offer you a huge variety of movies and even television shows on dvd or blue-ray.  You can stay in and enjoy some favorite flicks for a mere few dollars.

10. Candle Tarts

Three candy tarts

If you have not discovered the world of candle tarts, you are missing out.  Candle tarts are meltable bits of scented wax that you can melt in a warmer that fill your home with fragrance.  They are like a candle but much safer alternative.  And because they are very economical, it is something you can treat yourself to while on a budget.

11. A New Wallet

Red leather wallet

Can’t afford a new purse?  Go for the next best thing, a new wallet.  A new wallet is a nice accessory that you can treat yourself to when you can’t afford a new purse.  You can also get wallets practically everywhere.  You can pick one up at Target or pick one up at a more upscale department store, depending upon whatever your budget allows.

12. A Pair Of Cozy Slippers

Pair of knitted house shoes

A pair of cozy slippers is a great way to treat yourself while you are on a budget.  Who doesn’t love to come home at the end of the day and put on slippers that feel warm and wonderful?  And you can pick up slippers for a few dollars at many stores.  I recently purchased a pair for under five dollars, brand new.

13. A Pretty Coffee Mug

Coffee mug with heart shaped foam

A pretty coffee mug can just light up your whole day.  Who doesn’t feel better when they are drinking out of a nice mug? It is a nice way to make the ordinary extraordinary and give a nice lift to your day.  It can make you feel better to know you have a little splurge that you can enjoy each day.

14. Stationery

Packet of stationary

Stationery is a great way to treat yourself.  It feels like a total splurge but you don’t have to spend a lot on stationery to get something pretty that you will enjoy writing on.  Taking a note down on a nice piece of stationery is better than a plain and boring notepad.  It is a little treat you can give yourself on a limited amount of spending money.

15. Bakeware

Ceramic baking dish
Bakeware is something that you can treat yourself to that can be enjoyed in the kitchen.  When you are watching your outflow of cash you are probably finding you are eating in a lot more than you are eating out.  Buying bakeware gives you something to make lovely recipes in while you are staying home and can be purchased for under $20 in most stores.

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