This Man Bought A Thrift Store Painting of Jesus And Spent Years Identifying Its True Worth

Beaty suspected that the paintings might be worth something

Image Source (Flickr)

One thing that Beaty knew when he came across those paintings is that they are commonly copied. In fact, the Head of Christ paintings is considered to be some of the most widely reproduced works of art ever. That means that in addition to the real ones out there. there are also a whole lot of fakes roaming around.

And yet, Beaty thought there was a chance that these particular paintings could be worth something. Beaty was banking on the chance that these paintings might be worth more than they were being sold for, but he didn’t want to let anyone in on that information. He also only had $300 in his bank account that day when he went to the Salvation Army, so he didn’t want to pay the asking price of $125 per painting.