This Man Bought A Thrift Store Painting of Jesus And Spent Years Identifying Its True Worth

thrift store jesus painting

Many people dream of stumbling upon or inheriting a vintage item that is worth a small fortune. There are even TV shows around this premise! Far too often people are wrong when they have found a unique item, but then again there are valuable works floating around all over the place that have yet to be properly identified. Paul Beaty is one man who followed his instincts while doing some thrift shopping, and now has a great story to tell from it.

Beaty was just browsing a Chicago Salvation Army store in 2016 when he came across two pieces of art that are called the Head Of Christ. He did not know much about the paintings at the time of purchase beyond the fact that he had seen a lot of them when he was growing up. But he suspected that there might be something special about these ones, and it’s a good thing that he followed his instincts and purchased the items when he did.