Ten Great Summer Jobs For Extra Income

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Whether you’re a teen looking for a summer job for a little extra cash or a a person who needs something to do to make ends meet during those long summer months in which paychecks are far between, summer jobs are always popular.

It’s a great way to keep busy and make some money, but which jobs are the best ones for summer employees? Read on to discover 10 amazing summer jobs that will keep you busy and getting paid at the same time.

Camp Counselor

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This is a great job for teens and students in between semesters. There are summer camps all over the country that pay you to enjoy fun activities with groups of kids whose parents are paying to keep them busy during the hot summer months.

While the pay typically isn’t amazing at summer camp, you do get your food and board free of charge. What this means for you is no rent, no eating out and no spending all summer. So even though it’s not a significant sum of money, you’re too busy to spend it for three months.


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Tutoring is a great option for students and teachers who are off work for the summer. If you have a specialty or a specific knowledge on any given subject, you can tutor younger children in your area. You’re your own boss, you make your own hours, and you get paid handsomely to help kids learn.

This job is one that you can do part-time or full-time throughout the summer. There are always parents willing to pay good money to someone that’s going to help their kids succeed in their education or move onto the next grade level.


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If you have a driver’s license and no criminal background, you could easily get a job as a valet. What’s great about this job is that you can do it just about everywhere from the mall to restaurants to nightclubs. Being a valet doesn’t really pay well by the hour, but tips are always good.

The trick to making the most possible money is to choose the right venue. The mall might not be the best place to valet, but a country club is going to be the kind of place in which wealthy patrons will tip you well to keep their car in perfect condition.


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Who doesn’t want to get paid to sit outside and enjoy the gorgeous summer weather all while leaving work at the end of the day with a great tan? Becoming a lifeguard is a great way to earn a little extra money over the summer.

You can apply for lifeguard positions at water parks, some hotels, pools and country clubs. The pay is good, but you will have to take some training and become CPR certified. It’s not difficult, but it is necessary if you plan on earning summer income by saving lives at the pool or on the beach.

Dog Walker

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It might not be your dream job, but it is a good way to earn a little money in the summer. Walking dogs for your neighbors, friends and family is a great way to earn a little income. You could charge a flat fee per day or per week, walk dogs to the park and make money.

There are other benefits to this, too. You can spend time with animals you love, which is said to keep you younger. You get to walk often, which is going to keep you healthy. Start advertising now so that you can get some doggie clients as soon as possible.


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Coffee shops are almost always looking for baristas. These are the people that stand behind the counter, take orders and make specialty drinks. You can do this on a full or part-time basis through the summer. The only catch with this job, however, is that you have to know your coffees.

You’re not going to do a very good job in this industry if you don’t know the difference between a venti and a grande and if you don’t know what skinny means. Don’t worry – coffee shops don’t just stick you behind the counter and hope for the best. They do train you on the job.


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If there is one job that pays well during the summer, it’s that of a babysitter. This is a job that requires you to spend some time with kids whose parents might need childcare while school is out for the summer. It could be parents who work outside the home or parents who work in the home and can’t get anything accomplished when the little ones are home for the summer.

By advertising your skills in childcare, you could get a few babysitting jobs that will pay handsomely. Depending on where you live, the going rate for a sitter these days is anywhere between $10 and $15 per hour.

House Sitter

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This is another great summer job for those who need to make a little extra money. The truth is that a lot of people travel often during the summer, and they don’t want to leave their homes unattended. It’s a scary thought for homeowners to leave home for a week or more during the summer with no one there to water their plants and make sure things are safe.

House sitters are sometimes paid to live in a home while the homeowner is away, and sometimes they’re just paid to look after it a few times a day.

Pet Sitter

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Much like a house sitter, sometimes people want to pay others to spend time with their pets during the times they can’t. Some people can’t take their pets with them while they travel, which means they’re going to need to figure something out.

There is boarding at many vets and animal hospitals, but it’s not always the preference of pet owners to leave their animals boarded. Some would prefer they stay at home with someone they trust to look after them while they’re away.

Pet sitters are sometimes paid by the week or even by the day, and usually more when there is more than one animal.


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Working in your favorite retail store for the summer has several pretty awesome benefits. The first is that you get paid. The second is that you’ll get a discount on any purchases you make at the store. The third is that sales experience can help you in almost any industry, which is great for your resume.

This is a great job for college students who need a little extra money during their summers off, because it gives them the opportunity to earn a little extra money and some additional skills they’ll use in the workforce.

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