10 Spa Treatments that are Worth the Price

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Every time I go to the spa, I leave feeling as if I just spent the best money of my life. I feel relaxed, rejuvenated and gorgeous, and nothing can take that away from me. But boy do people try to take that away from you. “It must be nice to waste money on things you can do at home for a fraction of the price,” or “I wish I could afford to go out and spend money on a day at the spa I don’t need getting treatments that are overpriced and not worth it,” or “The spa is a waste of money when you can do those things at home on your own,” is what people love to say (not all, but some).

Sure, I can do a lot of that at home by myself (minus the laser treatment deal) but I don’t want to. I don’t feel relaxed at home with my four kids running around, my husband hanging laundry in the wrong places and the knowledge that I have to go buy all the products I need and then clean them up when I’m done. How is that relaxing? Half the fun of being at the spa is doing nothing while people who actually know what they are doing make you feel and look better. So yeah, I like the spa, and yeah, I feel that these spa treatments are worth the price – every single time.

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Laser Treatments

If you’re going to get hair removed, you want to do it with a professional. First of all, I don’t even think it’s possible to buy a laser to use at home and if it is, I’m sure I would not recommend this to anyone. Ever. If you want to have something removed with a laser, go to the spa. Trust me – it’s much better.

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Wax Treatments

Waxing hurts, and it’s something that can go really, really wrong if you’re not good at it. Just let someone else do it for you and you’ll feel a million times better. I believe that you will be happier letting someone else handle this kind of deal, and you will probably look a lot better allowing someone else to wax you.

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Hydrafacial Treatments

I have a friend who owns a spa, and she offers these treatments. Some people think they are overpriced and not worth it; until they have it done. Once they have it done, they no longer feel this way. Suddenly they are quite happy with the beauty of their skin and the way that they feel, and we can’t blame them. It’s a great facial and we’d recommend it to anyone.

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You can’t massage yourself and ask your spouse usually requires you give one back in return. If you go to the spa and let a professional massage you, you won’t have to give a massage. You will get to lay down for a solid hour while someone makes you feel amazing, and they’ll never once get tired, bored or try to quit on you. And if they ask you for one in return, you should probably run the opposite direction quite fast.

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Who wants to bother bending over and painting your own toes? No one. Besides, you’re not going to be able to massage your legs in quite the same way as the people who are professionals, and you’re also not going to get to do this sitting in a chair that massages you with your feet in warm, decadent water.

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We all know we can give ourselves a gorgeous manicure, but we also all know we can only do that on one hand. The other hand always turns out looking a little bit questionable, and a lot more like your 6-year-old did it for you. So why not just spend the money to have someone else do this for you so that you can have two hands that look equally amazing and not be ashamed of one? It’s really worth the price, I promise.

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Body Wraps

You can’t wrap your own body at home, and it’s probably not safe. Believe it or not, there are actual safety issues you have to be aware of, and that makes this something that professionals should be doing to you. We recommend spending the money and letting someone who will keep you safe and hydrated, happy and healthy do the body wraps for you. They will leave you feeling amazing, so it’s not like you’re missing out by spending the money.

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Body Treatments

Any body treatment is probably something you can do at home. After all, it’s not that difficult to go to the store and pick up the kind of stuff you need to do a body treatment at home in the tub, but it’s  definitely more fun to let someone else do it for you. It’s also cleaner since you don’t have to clean anything up. It’s easier since it feels more ‘real’ in the spa than it does at home, and it’s just plain better because it’s part of the spa experience.

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Some people consider this a spa treatment and others do not. However, it’s offered at many spas around the world, so we consider it a spa treatment. This is not something you should ever, ever, ever attempt to do on your own. This is something only a licensed and educated professional should attempt to do to your body, and that is not something you should take lightly at all.

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Couples Massage

A couples massage is a great way to bond with your significant other, to relax and to enjoy some quality time together. It’s also something you should do together at a spa since you can’t exactly have the same experience at home as you can when a professional or two is giving you a real massage that actually benefits your body and relaxes you enough to enjoy your time together. Also, you don’t have to give a massage, and that’s always kind of nice.


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