The 12 Most Expensive Homes in the World

Aerial view of expensive home

Many of us work extremely hard to get the “dream home” we always wanted.  And for most of us it’s the 3 bedroom home with a 2 car garage and sure, throw in the white picket fence.

When we obtain our homes we feel amazing.   We feel that sense of accomplishment.  That’s on homes that generally cost in the 200K-600K range.  We’re not even talking about million dollar homes which are nothing to scoff at.

But what about the homes of billionaires.  Yes with a capital B.  Imagine spending over $100 million on the place you reside.   Frankly I cannot.  But that didn’t stop us from doing this list.   Here are the 12 most expensive homes in the entire world.  Be sure to click “next” for each home.