31 Japanese Inventions That Might Be From the Future

Ramen splatter shield (chindogu)

We all hear that Japan is awesome. Did you know they have more vending machines per capita than anywhere else on Earth? And as I’m sure you’ve heard (or maybe seen!), you can buy some wild stuff from those.

Japan’s basically been living in 3020 since 1992, so it’s no wonder people love to explore all the innovative nation has to offer.

Join us as we journey through the best inventions from Japan, some created in response to the following questions:

  • What if my soup is too hot, but I don’t want to blow on it?
  • How can I tone my cheek muscles?
  • How can my new baby be more useful around the home?
  • What if I want to swim in my soup?
  • What is chindōgu?

We’ve rounded up the weirdest, most wonderful stuff from Japan. How many of these would you buy, try, or visit?