These Tattoos are One-of-a-Kind!

Is that your face

Tattoos are a forever commitment (unless you’re not afraid of those scary laser-removal procedures), so it would make sense to commit to a meaningful one, right? Many folks take years planning, designing, rethinking and carefully describing their vision to their tattoo artist.

Some draw the art themselves, and some spend ages looking for the right artist who can give them the exact look they want. It can be a long and painful process, but it can turn out magically when you finally get the tattoo you’ve been waiting for, and it looks just how you imagined.

Not these people! These tattoos are one-of-a-kind, horribly-drunk-on-a-Saturday-night type of fails.

These hilarious displays of bad decision making are endless and sometimes, downright sad. Get ready for crossed-out names of former lovers, tragically misspelled words, and even an eagle in the most unexpected of places.

We’re just thankful that these brave people sat down in the tattoo chairs and let us see the results. They truly deserve credit for embracing their mistakes and living with “NO RAGRETS.”