Experts Say to Avoid These Popular Hand Soaps

soapy hands

Washing your hands should be simple enough, right? Unfortunately, there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to your favorite personal care products, and hand soap is no exception.

Most of the popular soaps on this list use the mystery ingredient “fragrance,” which is worse than it seems. According to the Environmental Working Group, “When you see ‘fragrance’ on a personal care product’s label, read it as “hidden chemicals.”

Many soaps also contain allergens that can cause both skin and respiratory problems. They also contain a lot of endocrine diruptors—a scientific phrase that translates to “messes with your hormone levels.” Some of them can cause thyroid problems, infertility, and muscle impairment.

Click on to see the 30 most misleading and toxic hand soaps we’ve been able to dig up. Do you need to replace some of your soap?