Vinyl Records You Might Own That Are Worth A Ton

Nirvana, Bleach Re-Release

Bleach Nirvana
Sub Pop, eBay

Highest Resale: $1,500

Released: 1992

Ironically, the original 1989 release of Nirvana’s album Bleach isn’t the rarest printing of it. Though that printing only ran for 1,000 copies and can be found for around $200 online, it’s the 1992 re-release that catches the highest resale price.

After Nirvana’s star was rising in the early ’90s, label Sub Pop tried a few interesting marbling techniques for their limited-edition reissues of the vinyl. One, in particular, a strange red-and-white marbled version of the 7-inch, has been resold for as much as $1,500. That’s pretty impressive!