41 Podcasts That Will Kill Your Boredom

Hosts of How Did This Get Made? / The Met Philadelphia

If you’re finding yourself with a little extra time on your hands, podcasts are the magic cure for boredom. Whether you’re doing chores and need something to listen to or you’re going for a walk or a jog, a quality podcast will make the time fly by.

In this list of 41 incredible podcasts, you’ll find a wide range of topics: Spirituality, mysticism, education, business, comedy, philosophy, video gaming, cosplay, mystery, film, television, murder, fiction, motivation, dating, love, current events, biographies, sports, religion and much more. Many of these shows have hundreds of episodes available to binge for free wherever you get your podcasts, and sometimes, your favorite celebrity guests will make an appearance!

Click on to discover some of the best podcasts you should try when you’re feeling bored.