Great Part-Time Jobs for Retirees

Not ready to call it quits? There's a job out there that's perfect for someone just like you. The first step to finding it is knowing where to look.

Just because you’ve retired from your 40-hour-work-week or 40-year career doesn’t mean you’re ready to leave the workforce behind completely. The good news is, you don’t have to.

These days, we’re able to make our own rules about work more than ever. In turn, retirees are returning to work more than ever before. According to The Washington Post, “an estimated 1.5 million retirees have reentered the U.S. labor market over the past year.” And the upturn of wages definitely has something to do with it.

Whether you could use some extra money or you’re just looking to stay active, there’s a job out there that’s right for you. As noted, many part-time gigs are paying notably better than in years past, which certainly has created more incentive. Today, part-time retirement jobs don’t have to equate to low pay or boring work. Options are evolving all the time. Along with better pay, job flexibility (including flexible hours) continues to be on the rise, making returning to work that much more appealing and attainable.

With the right background, credentials, and positive outlook, you could easily transition into well-paying, rewarding part-time work with ease. So if you’re eager to get back out there, here are some of the best part-time jobs for retirees right now.


senior mom and daughter cook food and sale at home.

Are you good with numbers? Have you worked in or studied accounting in the past? You might want to consider a career path (or part-time gig) in bookkeeping. These days, many organizations aren’t hiring full-time bookkeepers or accountants anymore. Instead, the desire for part-time and project-based bookkeeping is on the up and up with financially savvy companies.

As a part-time bookkeeper, you’ll typically be required to do basic recordkeeping, simple upkeep of financial records, data entry, and potentially tracking invoices. Most times, part-time bookkeepers previously worked as accountants or have experience in bookkeeping, but that’s not always a prerequisite.

Most notably, the average salary is $20 per hour, on average.

School Support Worker

Crossing guard Patricia Bass assists a child in crossing Lake Mead Boulevard at Tonopah Drive before classes at West Preparatory Academy in Las Vegas,

Schools are always looking for support worker roles. Signing on with the school system is a wonderful way to stay active in your community. For instance, part-time crossing guards are always in high demand on a part-time basis.

Familiarize yourself with the local school district and see what’s nearby. Reach out to your local elementary, middle, or high school and see what’s available. Oftentimes, the hours and schedule are great for retirees. And you’ll be doing a good deed.

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Substitute Teacher

Professor writing mathematical formula and equation to blackboard in school classroom. College or university teacher or student with chalkboard.

Schools are also always searching for more substitute teachers. And unlike regular teachers, there’s a lot more lenience for subs. For instance, you will likely need a bachelor’s degree or teaching certificate, but you can often get hired without any former teaching experience.

Not to mention, the average salary could very well be worth your while. For those with advanced degrees, you might want to look into roles as adjunct instructors for community colleges and/or universities.

Patient Advocate

a man's hand holding a hand to encourage a woman in distress

Patient advocates are there to assist those struggling to deal with the healthcare system. From paperwork to appointments, advocates communicate with healthcare providers to obtain important information on things like diagnosis, treatments, and necessary follow-ups. You may also be required to discuss costs with insurance companies.

Ultimately, the range of duties can vary greatly, but you won’t be required to have any particular degree or credentials. Part-time and full-time roles are available, and they can pay up to $18 hourly. To increase your odds and get paid the best rate, look into becoming certified.

Freelance Writer

retired woman remote working from home distance office on laptop taking notes.

Often called “content creators,” freelance writers have one of the most flexible, well-paying gigs around. Adding to your retiree freedoms, many companies are also looking for part-time and full-time writers who want to work remotely.

Currently, the average hourly rate for a freelance writer is around $20, but rates can vary greatly. You can get paid hourly, by project, or by word. And you don’t need a degree or lengthy history as a writer to snag these roles. Just be sure you are up to date on current practices and requirements, like having basic knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO).

Some jobs will ask for writing samples while others may require you to take a writing test, grammar test, or proofreading test. Freelancing is a great way to find consistent work with lots of variety. You could work with various clients or stick with one company you like. And how you build your schedule and set your rate is largely up to you.

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Pet Sitting and Pet Walking

man on walk holding small dog and smiling

Pet-sitting and dog walking remain a form of easy, stable money, especially for those who have a lot of time on their hands and want a low-maintenance gig. For between $10 and $15 an hour, this job allows you to work outdoors, get daily exercise, and spend time with animals. It’s also one of the easiest jobs for networking.

If you’re good at what you do, pet owners will sing your praises to their pet-owning friends. If you’re reliable, it’s easy to get recommended to other people and earn a growing income. As you earn your client’s trust, you may also be asked to house/pet sit, which tends to come with a higher wage. Many dog walkers and pet sitters are able to build their entire business within their own neighborhood.

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Seasonal Job Employee

Shop assistant holding box with fresh strawberries in organic produce shop

Part-time jobs during busy seasons can be an easy way to earn some extra retirement income. Businesses are often looking for part-time, temporary employees when they need a little extra help. And the regional climate where you live always plays a role.

If you’re interested in you’re working specifically during the Spring, Summer, or Winter, seasonal jobs will always be out there. Whether you work in retail during the holiday season (which typically lasts October – December) or a produce market during the summer, a seasonal role could be reinvigorating and keep you busy without sucking up your entire year.

If being in nature while you work interests you, National Parks also hire seasonal temps from time to time. You can check out the openings here. Delivery services also seek seasonal workers frequently. For example, on-site customer service, truck unloading, and custodial services often seek employees for temporary roles.

Specialty Store Employee

Senior man in workshop. Man sitting on tires and holding his notes.

If you’re handy or have a unique skill you’d like to profit from, specialty work is always an option. Whether you might be a good fit for a hardware store or a retail outlet, think of what you’d gladly do for free and then ask yourself: is there a market for my skillset? Chances are, there is.

Whatever you’ve become knowledgeable about in everyday life, you can lend your expertise when it works for you and earn an income. Experience, after all, is an education in itself. And many companies are looking for people who have the skills they seek and require little training.

Museum Docent

portrait of two art gallery workers inspecting paintings in museum exhibition

Do you love admiring, discussing, and being around fine art? You might be a museum docent in disguise. Per Zip Recruiter, “the minimum qualifications you need to become a museum docent include a high school diploma and the ability to interact with guests in a friendly and outgoing manner.”

Great docents have strong interpersonal skills and a love of learning. But they also have to be on their feet for long periods of time, so take that into account if this retiree career route interests you.


senior mom and daughter making baked goos and selling them from home.

This one technically falls under the aforementioned specialty roles, but it deserves its own place on the list. If you love baking or cooking, why not translate it into your next career? Whether you choose to become your own boss or work in an existing kitchen, this part-time role can be very rewarding.

Depending on your experience level and professional, you may be able to start with very little training.

Tour Guide

shadows of tour guide, tourist and archeologists standing in silhouette in front of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs

Tour guide roles have become a more popular go-to for retirees in recent years. And there are tons of businesses, organizations, museums, and historical sites to choose from. If you can envision yourself guiding an outdoor walking tour or a behind-the-scenes workplace tour, this role might be a perfect fit. You can work daily or by appointment, but the schedules typically aren’t grueling.

What’s most important for those working in roles like these is having knowledge about the subject you’re informing others about. And if you’re a good storyteller and a people person, chances are, you’ll make a wonderful tour guide. Starting out, tour guides can make up to $20 hourly, on average. There’s also the possibility of making tips in certain roles.

If becoming a tour guide appeals to you, don’t dismiss the fun facts you know, your knowledge, or your interests in a specific area. Take what you’ve learned through your life and apply it to your next career move. You never know what role you could very well be perfect for until you start looking.

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