Money Management Lessons You Should Teach Your Teenagers

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Teenagers are in desperate need of all the knowledge you can provide for them, and it’s more dire than you realize. What do you think would happen to the world if high schools took the time to teach kids the responsibilities of money management and taught them things like balancing checkbooks in class? The world would be a lot more financially savvy.

It is the number one reason kids end up in college with their first credit cards and end up in debt up to their eyes; they have no idea how to use money, how to manage it and how to save. They seem to think that money grows on trees and that there is always a reason to spend and never a reason to save. If you want your kids to end up like this, then carry on not teaching them anything about their finances.

But if you’d rather your kids grow up with some financial savvy and a good concept of how to responsibly use their money; you should work on teaching them some serious money management lessons. These 10 money management lessons will ensure your kids are good to go as they get older; especially your teens.

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