20 Apps That Give You Free Money

Apps on phone
Photo by Getty Images

Who doesn’t love a good app? There’s an app for that, and anything else you’ve ever wanted an app for, by the way. What we love about apps is that they give us all the time and energy we need to do the things we need to do. I love my favorite apps – Sephora and Nordstrom – because they make shopping a cinch.

The weather app allows me to get my kids dressed for school every morning with confidence that they’ll be appropriately dressed and comfortable. My Etsy app makes decorating for parties a simple affair, and my fitness app reminds me daily how lazy I’ve been. My Bible app reminds me every morning to start my day with a positive devotional.

Other apps give you money – just because. We’ve got 20 of those money-giving apps right here for you to enjoy. All of the apps listed are free to download, too.