About Us

Counting Pennies and Having Fun

Benjamin Franklin once said,

“Watch the pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves.”

Here at Mind Your Dollars, we believe that there are simple financial rules that can help anyone out there who is trying to increase their financial education. Our team of writers work every day to bring you, not only the best financial news and information in the industry but also the latest and most talked about news items and entertainment from around the internet.


We believe that a finance site doesn’t have to be boring and stuffy. Our team wanted to find a way to connect with people about matters that matter to them most, without putting them to sleep in the process. Mind Your Dollar’s dedicated staff of content creators generate articles every day that seeks to both entertain and inform our growing audience about the little things they can do to give themselves and their families every advantage possible in the competitive financial landscape today. 

So please, join us in counting pennies, and let those pennies mind your dollars. Come with us to read some financial news and have a little fun along the way. It’s what we’re all about.

Our Team

Publisher: Mike Chace
Editor in Chief: Johnny Priest
Section Editor: Jenny Milam
News Writer: Cameron Norris
Feature Writers: Lilly Wilson, Katy Holloway, Rachel Reed